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Dental Insurance

Financial Arrangements:

In order to provide the highest quality restorative and preventive dental care on a consistent basis, we have a full range of convenient payment options available for you to choose from. Before we commence treatment, fees and financial arrangements will be discussed with you. Our Office Coordinator will help you with your insurance benefits and financial arrangements. If you have dental insurance coverage, financial arrangements for the balance not covered by insurance can be made.
A written estimate will be provided for all involved, complex or extended dental care. We will gladly provide you with a written estimate for any routine dental care, upon request.

Payment of fees for routine services such as examinations, teeth cleaning, x-rays, emergency visits, and less complicated restorative care are expected, at the time service is provided. Insurance claims can be filed by the office or you may file your own claim and be reimbursed directly. we accept VISA, MasterCard, personal check, or money orders. A down payment is required for more involved, complex or extended treatment, regardless of insurance coverage.

Do not hesitate to ask about the anticipated cost of your treatment. You have the right to know about and understand the cost. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied, that you have been treated fairly.

Dental Insurance has benefited many patients and dental offices over the past 40 years. It has allowed thousands of people to take better care of their teeth and has brought many new patients into dental offices.

But now, we are seeing a significant increase in "managed health care" companies that decrease the patients freedom of choice and many believe decreases the quality of care.

Your employer may present you with this option in order to reduce their benefit costs. You can use this as a guide to help you understand and compare various benefit plans.

This table will help you understand the major differences between the 3 most popular plans of dental benefits with indemnity insurance being the best and HMO's being the worst

Traditional Indemnity Dental Insurance

These plans were the original dental benefit plans that provided good dental coverage for decades. This is the best of all three plans


Professsional Provider Organization

These organizations provide dentistry through contracted dentists who agree to accept lower fees.

Health Maintenance Organization

Minimum dentistry is provided through contracted dentists who agree to small monthly payments for each employee/patient regardless if services are perfomed or not.

Patients Freedom of Choice Patients choose their own dentist. (most freedom of choice) Patients have more freedom of choice than with an HMO, but pay more for care from a non preffered provider. Patients are restricted to a list of designated providers. (least freedom of choice)
Benefits The levels and coverage are defined by a contract, and generallly provide more comprehensive services  than PPO's & HMO's Enrolled members recieve services at a reduced cost when the services are delivered by a preffered provider Enrolled members recieve minimum comprehensive services when care is provided by a plan provider
Utilization May or may not be controlled by the carrier. Less controlled than an HMO Providers recieve a financial incentive to control utilization
Payment to the providing dentist Dentists are paid (indemnified) for services by the insurance company and the patients Dentists are paid on the basis of a discounted fee schedule Dentists are paid a small dollar amount per member per month regardless of services rendered
Cost to patient Usually the most expensive Less expensive than an indemnity plan Least expensive

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