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Crowns and Bridges

CrownsThe purpose of a crown is to protect and strengthen a brittle, weakened, or badly broken
tooth; i.e. a root canal tooth or a tooth with a very large filling.

A crown may be made out of gold, a silver colored metal, or white porcelain.

A crown is similar to a thimble fitting over a finger and fits the tooth precisely.

A crown is cemented or bonded to the prepared tooth.

Porcelain crowns are often used for cosmetic reasons. If your feel you have a need, consult your dentist.







Fixed Bridge
A fixed bridge is cemented or bonded in place over the teeth just like a single crown.

It is not removable.

As in a crown, a bridge can be made of white procelain, gold, a silver colored metal or a combination of these.

A fixed bridge is the most realistic method of replacing teeth, both in appearance and chewing comfort.







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